Monday, April 25, 2011



I love The Amazing Race. I've seen every episode in what is now their 18th season and while the format --teams of two who are somehow connected race around the world for a million bucks-- and the cliches that they love --teams that hate each other, fighting between teammates, the slick editing of "reality"-- are firmly in place and not going to change, I eagerly download the show on Sunday.

My favorite team of all is The Cowboys, brothers Jet and Cord McCoy. They are working cowboys, with Cord competing on the PBR circuit. Ever since the first time I was introduced to them, I've had the hots for Cord. Damn! Pale skin? Check. Nice body but not a grotesque pile of muscles? Check. Cute face? Yep. Red hair and piercing blue eyes? Oh. my. gawd! A bit of chest hair? Woo hoo! OK, it's really light and I couldn't find a good picture of his chest hair, but still. Add a terrific "Okie" accent and a sly sense of humor and I've just loved watching him for the two seasons he's been on The Race.

Alas, it all ended last night as Jet and Cord got eliminated (again). Unlike their first try, where they almost won, they seemed out of sorts this season. Although they won the 5th leg, they seemed to have trouble reading clues this time around and the other teams definitely didn't do anything to help them (a smart strategy as it turns out). Oh well, it was a great run on both editions that were in and did I mention that Cord McCoy is smokin' hot?

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